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Allison & Andy: Wedding {Grand Hyatt Hotel, 701 Restaurant}

Event Planner – Claire from Soco Events

Getting Ready- Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington DC

Ceremony- The Church of the Covenant, Arlington, VA

Reception- 701 Restaurant, Washington DC

Flowers – Yellow Door Floral Design, John Duffy (owner), in Falls Church, VA

Dress – Sabella Couture, in Boston, MA

Brides Maids dresses – variety!  Allison let the girls pick their own style/make as she wanted them to be comfortable and choose a dress that fit their body best

Men’s Suits – Joseph A. Bank (groom, groomsmen, and fathers of bride & groom)

Shoes – Kate Spade from (purchased and dyed through them)

ALL wedding day food – 701 Restaurant (includes cake) in Washington, D.C.

DJ – Bryan George Music Services

Shuttles – Chariots for Hire

Church & Pastor – Reverend Beth Goss at Church of the Covenant, Arlington, VA

Jewelry for Bride/MOH/bridesmaids/MOB/MOG/Special Aunt – Chelsea Gwynne from Boston, MA


Andy and Allison both attended to UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School in 2010 to get their MBA.  Their paths crossed the first week there – Andy slyly asked for Allison’s digits at one of the social outingsJ, few weeks later they went out for gelato….needless to say they both instantly were smitten with each other.


On October 28, 2012 Andy had the proposal  planned out to a tee and was all set into motion….

The plan:

Andy picks up Allison from the train station after she’s been gone for the weekend in NYC.  Allison walks into the house and is greeted by Thad {their adorable dog}, who she tells to go grab a toy to play with.  Thad grabs the only toy left in his basket, which has the ring box tied to it.  Thad brings the ring to Allison, Andy proposes, and the celebration is on.


What actually happened:

Allison’s train brakes down 5 miles from the station.  Andy waits and paces like a nervous wreck around the station for 90 minutes while the train gets fixed.  The train arrives, and on the 10 minute drive home from the station, Allison’s bridesmaid Molly calls to say that she and her husband are stranded at Logan Airport because their home flight to Australia (via DC) has been canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.  Allison offers to have them stay at our house, and that we will detour to Logan to pick them up.  Andy convinces Allison to swing by the house first to drop off her luggage and to say hi to Thad, who has missed her all weekend.  Allison walks into the house and instead of acknowledging Thad’s greeting, immediately goes to the guest bedroom to make sure it’s prepared for our soon-to-be guests.  When she looks in the guest bedroom closet, she notices that there is giant pile of Thad’s toys in there, which Thad is now more interested in playing with instead of the one in his basket that he was supposed to go get. Allison asks why the toys are in the closet, to which Andy bumbles out some stupid answer that only angers Allison worse.  She scoops up a pile of toys and in goes in a huff to the family room to put them back in the basket…and sees the ring box tied to the lone toy.  The proposal finally takes place, Allison says “yes”, and the celebration starts with a drive to Logan.

Last October, surrounded by their closest friends and family, Allison and Andy celebrated their love and commitment to each other.

The day began at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel with fabulous purple shoes, and some bling:)

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0002W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0003W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0009W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0016W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0027W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0038W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0043W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0048W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0053W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0058W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0064

Allison made a dazzling bride…

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0071W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0073W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0085W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0086W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0090W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0099Allison and Andy opted to see each other before the ceremony

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0101W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0104W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0117

Now, this is a stunning backdrop for wedding photos….

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0121W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0123W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0129W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0131W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0133W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0137W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0140W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0142W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0146The ceremony was beautiful and touching

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0149W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0180W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0186W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0189W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0214W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0230Reception time. I honestly has the best wedding food that night I have ever hadW0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0257W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0269Allison’s mom made the most delicious baked good, so I had to ruin my diet…and it was worth it.W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0277W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0285W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0317W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0325W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0337

I was smitten with the stunning décor this restaurant had, and of course, had to take advantage and photograph the lovebirds, so below are some night shot.

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0346

I was smitten with the stunning décor this restaurant had.

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0353W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0354W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0358

Allison and Andy had a perfect choreographed first dance, it was so much fun to watch them;)

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0387-2W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0412-2W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0460W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0489The couple below is Jess and Chad, and I was extremely honored to photograph their wedding forever ago, and stayed in their lives till today. They are expecting a baby soon and I am so excited they chose me to document their next milestone:)))))W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0509-2Allison’s grandmother made me wish my grandmother was still here with me.

W0142 Allison & Andy 10.19.13_0522

I wanted to thank Claire from Soco Event who ensured the 12 hours day with four locations  wedding was nothing short of perfection:)

Allison and Andy, your day was nothing short of beautiful, and I can’t begin to express my appreciation for letting me documenting your first day as husband and wife. I wish you all the best.




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