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Yesterday Romy had an Halloween Parade/Party at her new school.  Not that yesterday was different than any day, since Romy has a wardrobe full of costumes that she wears almost everyday, but this time she was super excited to show off her costume to her new classmates. I can’t believe how big this kid has become way […]

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I can’t believe how fast  time flies… I remember vividly when the nurse handed you to me for the first time, I was overwhelmed with raw emotions. I felt such love for you that I have never felt before. My heart was happy, so happy. I could not stop looking at you, adoring you. I […]

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  • February 28, 2014 - 6:08 pm

    Danielle - And stunning she is…
    Happy birthday Romy.

    I love you


*** Update- The content of the original post got edited. After I talked to some friends and clients who reached out to me, I realized that post came out way too personal and did not focus on the professional aspect of the story, and, most importantly,what myself and other photographers can learn from this saga, […]

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  • December 7, 2014 - 1:31 pm

    Steve Marucci - I could not agree more. Danielle is a full faced liar and a adulterer. If her and Frank want to have an open relationship that is great. Do not drag others into your circle and lie to them you freaks. I have been dating her for 6 years with the understanding she was divorced. She tells everyone she is divorced from Frank. Even on Sunday November 30,2014 she told me and my family this before we left to stay at what I believe to be her Grandmas house in Frederick. Its right in downtown. I think the address is 321 are the first digits. Obviously her grandma is not there. I have everything documented even to the point of Sunday spending time in this house she tells everyone her parents live in and that her and her mom purchased. Note there is nothing but furniture in the house. No clothes etc.. She also tells a story of how she built a house in Columbia and sold to Pandora. I cant confirm this. The only home she has owned is the one with Frank currently a short sale in Frederick. But I digress.
    Back to my point. So a week from today we had sex upstairs in a room on the left at the top of the stairs. The text Dani sent me the next day describe an amazing night. A green comforter and a white iron rod bed is in the room. The basement is exposed granite rock that looks amazing where she says “our babies will play”. Its a beautiful home. Wood floors which give it that older feel with nice antique furniture and new kitchen with black granit. We entered the back door parking outside a wood gate walking up exposed brick patio. We went out the front through a small mud room door and another door out onto the street to our walk downtown. There is no tv or internet in the house and walking distance to Market street. It was a beautiful night for a walk as if you recall it was unseasonably warm as we walked and looked at lights holding hands. She displayed a great skill of playing an old black piano on the main floor. I am telling everyone this as I believe she may be pregnant. She text me and said we “may not have babies as she got her time” but I am unsure of this as she has decided since her marriage secret is coming out to block me from contact. Fortunately I have emails, pictures, and text for the past 6 years. I will ask for a paternity test. Sorry Frank. But also there is a guy from Under Armour she talks about being with. Frank, If your in on this you two are sick! Im sorry I had to do this Danielle but you left me with no options. Good luck you sick sick person. Yes, she did steal these pictures this website claims but feels its justified and will say she took it down and then took a picture of it to prove it. Its that she thinks she has some sort of entitlement but this time it has caught up to her. Disgusting. All the Danilayadulterer followers and apologist. Please doubt any of this to be true. I have all the proof well documented for you to see. Btw on Dani’s danileighphotography website under the Mexico pictures I was with her and took the food pictures juevo eggs, tequila wall, margarita glass (btw thats Danielle in the pic of the Margarita glass), i guess her website does not have to have pictures SHE has taken. Oh and the picture with the three glasses. We stayed at a place in Sayulita a small surfing town on the coast. We were in a small little red casa she has pictures of as well.
    I know about her brother thank you for your service over in Iraq, her other brother and gf expecting as well! Sheldon and her Mom who just arrived back from Alaska in which Dan went with. Her fellow photographer Emily who she just went on vacation to Mexico with. I hesitate to comment on anymore I know as I am unsure what she was honest about and what she wasnt. Danielle broke her foot stepping off a curb in Houston when she visited me for the first time 4 years ago. Dr. Alexander Kaden was her doctor. In Katy Texas. She bought me a tv. Thanks Dan! She interviewed at Lifegift for the OPO I worked for in Houston. She lived close to my parents house on Mayfair court I think the name is before moving to Frederick. She was visiting me in Tampa just before Thanksgiving 2014. We went to Clearwater Shepherds which is where she got the picture of the Crain on the water. She spent four days at my place. All text and pictures to prove it. I have said before she went to Alaska the past week with she said her whole family. I cant confirm exactly who but its what she says. After Alaska we spent the evening in a Hilton at Arundel Mills mall where we had beers at Duclaw brewery before headig to the hotel for……well you know. I will not be commenting anymore on Danilayadultery and danileighphotography she knows the truth and everyone will see. If she is pregnant well will just have to see about that. I apologize to Frank if he does not know but I did not either. Sorry bro! Good luck with that. I had to handle this here as I feel she is pregnant and this is the only true way I will find out. #thesecret danileighphotographyReplyCancel