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Kelly & Brandon: Wedding

Brandon is a filmmaker and Kelly is a digital strategist at Ogilvy Washington. They met in 2005 at the movie, “King Kong”, and were subsequently set up through mutual friends….OK, OK, this time I will tell this quirky yet lovely story of how they met differently…. Kelly and Brandon wrote their story on their wedding site and I am stealing it from them because it is just too adorable to resistJ

So there it is:

Kelly: Brandon and I first met at the movies on an unusually warm and sunny day in mid-December 2005. I had just finished my first semester of law school exams and my friend Andrew and I had picked up his best friend from the airport… his best friend who would be my date for the evening.

Brandon: At the time, I was very single and living with my roommate, Curtis, in a basement apartment in Logan Circle, DC. A typical night for me involved drawing or watching TV… Nothing too exciting for this young bachelor. But on this particular December night, fate intervened and I decided to join Curtis and a few of his friends for “King Kong” at the Chinatown movie theater.

Kelly: We excitedly ran into the theater, where I was first introduced to Brandon. I remember thinking he was handsome and was intrigued by his cool, calm demeanor. But I did not think much of it because I was technically on a date with another person.

Brandon: That “cool, calm demeanor” that Kelly describes is also called “shyness”, which was triggered the moment I was introduced to this tall, beautiful, magnetic young woman in front of me. I was intimidated and tongue-tied, but something told me I had to get to know more about her. But how would I beat my shyness and get past her date?

Kelly: At that point, my date had dared me to race up the long escalator in the theater… but instead of racing up the “up” side, we would race up the “down” escalator. Determined to beat him and unafraid of this dare, I sprinted up the down escalator. But as I got to the last step, my shoe got caught, I stumbled, and face planted at the top landing. I remember my friends – including Brandon – were riding up the other side of the escalator, laughing hysterically at me.

Brandon: Kelly’s awkward stumble and fall was the perfect icebreaker. It immediately revealed that this gorgeous young lady was also a goofball and, thus, someone I could totally relate to! I wasn’t intimidated anymore and could finally talk to her. And I like to say that at that very moment Kelly literally fell for me… and I fell for her. But I didn’t get her number (I mean, how would I ask in front of her date?) and didn’t know when I’d see her again.

Kelly: Fast-forward two months. It was a cold, February Friday evening and though I was in no mood for the bar scene, I found myself at classmate’s birthday party at Lucky Bar (for non-Washingtonians, Lucky Bar is like a post college frat party, except better because they serve fried chicken strips along with Natty Light). I had driven myself that night, so I decided that my drink for the evening was water.

Brandon: Fast-forward? That was the slowest and most excruciating two months of my life as I wondered if I would ever get to see Kelly again! Was she thinking about me? Would I ever get to see her again? I dropped hints to Curtis when I asked “Um… So, what do you know about that Kelly girl I met two months ago?” I finally got a chance to find out for myself and make a second impression… Though it didn’t go as well as I had dreamed it would. I was more awkward than ever as I introduced myself with a blurted out “Hi!”… I hadn’t thought about what to say after that. But fortunately, Kelly took the initiative and gave me her number without me having to ask. Lucky Bar proved to be lucky, indeed.

Kelly: I gave Brandon my phone number… mostly because I was tired and wanted to go home. I ignored his calls over the next week until his roommate, Curtis, handed me a small piece of paper with “” scrawled on it. I visited the website and as soon as I saw his artwork, I hurried out of the library and returned Brandon’s calls.

Brandon: With that phone call from Kelly, all those years of quietly producing art finally paid off! I also have to thank Curtis for putting in a good word. I would finally have a chance to take Kelly out on a first date and get to know more about her.


Fast forward a bit to 2011. Kelly and Brandon got married in the ever amazing Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria and Carlyle House. This wedding was very special to me since I have known Brandon’s family for quite some time. ..and since I know how an amazing creative artist/ video producer  Brandon is , it was nerve wracking  but exciting at the same time to photograph this epic wedding.

I shot this wedding with my right wing girlie Dani whom made my day so much easier, so shout out for Dani!!

I started the day with photographing some beautiful shoes, Jewelry, and more importantly gorgeous girls

While I was goofing with the girls, Dani were hangin out with the guys. I truly love the results:)

The ceremony held at the Carlyle House Historic Park. It was emotional and beautiful.

Brandon and Kelly’s friend surprised them with a song he wrote just for them, it was so sweet.

And then they were husband and wife

After the ceremony, we stayed at the park to take some fun shots of the bridal party and the couple, and I have to say, they totally let me do my thang….now when I am looking at these finished photographs, I totally see how TV shows and Movies inspire me profoundly.

The Bloch Siblings…So Brandon’s sister, Andrea {on the left}, was not only the wedding coordinator of this beautiful wedding, she also designed the placement cards and wedding invitations {see below}. She is absolutely an amazing wedding specialist, so brides, if you need one with an artistic vision, she is the gal for you.

Brandon and Kelly brought along a vintage bike and some fun signs, and I LOVE them for that:)

Back in Hotel Monaco for the reception, the emotions ran high. This couple has some tight friends and they are very close to their family.

Brandon and Kelly’s first dance

Some fun dancing

It is not a surprise that I love to take some night shots with my clients; I just love the romantic and artistic feel I can create with a spot light or a flash.

Brandon and Kelly, I am so grateful you let me document your love and devotion to one another. I wish you the best of luck in the big apple.

Can’t wait to hang out with you again,




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