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Kelsey & Tommy: Wedding {Herrington on the Bay, Chesapeake Bay}



They met in the summer of 1995 for the first time. She was 7 and he was 9. They were both swimmers on the same team, and they became friends. Tommy thought she was a smart, motivated, and sweet person….yes, he totally had a childhood crush, so in order to see her, he used to ask his parents to go play with her brother, Adam:) . Their moms always used to tease them that they would date one day in the future, and like all moms {wink, wink}, they were right:)


Years went by, and Tommy started looking at Kelsey in a different way, … she was still smart, motivated, and sweet, but he noticed how beautiful she was inside and out….his feelings got stronger. Little did he know that she all these years, she has had the same feelings for him, but was too shy to say anything.


The turning point of their love story was when Kelsey went to an high school dance with Tommy’s friend, Jesse…. when Tommy saw her that night wearing a yellow dress, looking all amazing, he made sure to spend as much time as he possibly could with her and FINALLY got the courage and asked her out, few days later they started dating.


15 years {!!! }After they first met and about a century after they start dating, Tommy took Kelsey to Ocean City, Got down on one knee, and ask her to be his wife.


Sooo , this couple are meant to be or what?


Yes, I promise!!! I am not telling you a plot from the recent romantic novel I just picked from Barnes & Nobles {are they still exist?} the story of these two is unreal, just like their wedding day that happened to be exactly a year ago.


Kelsey & Tommy, happy anniversary, and for many more to come!!


PS, enjoy your cruise



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